Jennifer Gilby Roberts' New Releases List


I'm really happy to know that you enjoy my writing and want to know about my future books. 

If there's a book of mine you haven't got yet, you can get the ebook FREE by signing up to this list.  It can be any book, new or old, so long as it's currently published and written only by me (so not box sets/anthologies done with other authors).

When you've joined, I'll email you if I:
  • release a new work
  • make existing work available in a new format (e.g. paperback, audio)
  • make existing work available from a new source (e.g. non-Amazon ebook sites)
I may occasionally send other emails, but I don't have a regular newsletter (you can keep tabs on my works in progress by following my blog) and I promise I won't nag you to buy my books! I also won't share or sell your email address.

Advance Readers Group
You can also tick the box to join the advance readers group.  This means you will get the chance to download a free pdf of future books before they go on general sale.  All I ask in return is that you let me know about any errors you find while reading, and you write a quick review of the book when it goes on sale.

Best wishes

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